IP Telephony

With the end on the horizon for old analogue telephone lines, now is the time to move into IP telephony.
Put simply IP telephony is digital telephone lines sent over the internet.
It can usually do far more than traditional (PSTN / analogue) lines and equipment, and is served over Broadband Lines (minimum connection speeds apply)

Sooner or later, we will be able to order Braodband Only lines, without the need for a BT telephone number (at presentBoth Openreach and OFCOM are dragging thier heals on this point!0

VoIP (voice over IP) is the simplest form where you subscribe to a third party service, and and IP Phones to make and recieve calls.
For business or more flexible solutions you wwould either have an IP based telephone system at your premises or a Cloud based system.
Calls in and out are serviced vai SIP trunks.

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