3CX order and details

If you wish to order 3CX service from us, you need the form here.
Further clarification of the important questions, is given below.

Q5. SIP trunks
To make or recieve calls to and from the public telephone network, we use SIP trunks. These are the modern replacement for Analogue telephone lines.
You need at least 1 trunk with a calling package to make outgoing calls. However, you can have more trunks (which means you can recive more than 1 call-in, at the same time, and these would be basic trunks)
Note: it is possible to route all outgoing calls down a single trunk (with the calling package), but it would mean that all the outgoing calls will show the same (caller-ID) “call-from-number”.
So, in the scenario where you work from home, and you have a business number 650650 and a private number 650777, then to separte the outgoing calls for returning callers, you would need 2x SIP trunks with calling packages. etc. Then the correct number is presented when calling out from each extension in home and business.
Price per month per trunk

SIP Trunk 1. £       2.00
SIP Trunk 2. with 200 Anytime UK Mobile and UK LL  £       3.50
SIP Trunk 3. with 2000 Anytime UK Mobile and UK LL  £       5.75
SIP Trunk 4. with 4000 UK LL and 2000 UK Mobile £       6.95

Q6. DID – Direct inward dialling. If you have a simple phone system scenario, where you have one business number 602660 for example. As with any phone system, when someone calls this number we program which extension phone ring (day and night options).
So for you, you just list your main business number.
With DID’s you can have additional numbers (602661, 2, 3…) (new or existing) which allow a caller to dial direct to an extension or group of extensions (for example direct to another building or to Sale dept) List the quantity of DID’s you require.

Q8-12 Telephone types. Note the iPhone and android APP is free (need connecting to an extension). Mobile phone and a fixed extension can ring at the same time.
DECT cordless handset, standard is One Handset and one base. Additional bases up to max of 5
If you wish to cover a larger area, a DECT repeater is available and just requires Mains or a POE feed (and be in recption distance of the Main base-station). For larger area cover, you can just use the App on your mobile (needs wifi or 3/4g coverage)

Q14. 3CX in the cloud, means, you phone system is hosted in our Amazon Cloud Service, and the extensions talk to the cloud over the Internet. Obviously, if your business loses internet access, – No cloud= no phones (internal or external)
There are several ways to mitigate for this. On-Premise means the 3CX runs on a Crazy Pages supplied custom PC within your business. Therefore if you lose Internet, you can still call between extensions (and App users, if they are on 3/4g), but external calls would be lost.
Other options include 3g fallover via our range of Draytek routers, that can autmatically swith to mobile broadband if you suffer a broadband loss. This can allow connectivity for both Cloud and On premise installs.
lastly, the Broadband we supply as part of your system, will have a etelphone line associated with it (though analgue lines will be ceased by Openreach eventually). So in the short to mediam term, this line can be set up to receive calls if your system loses Internet.